Dear Friend,

in the next couple of months some of my blogs (the fitness adviser will continue paralell) will be dedicated to a personal effort that is close to my heart. I have become a member of TEAM IN TRAINING, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s main fund raising event and am training to ride the “Lake Tahoe Century” as well as the “Seattle to Portland Classic”.

I just finished my second week of cycling and fundraising to saves lives. It was a great week as the weather allowed me to ride another 150 miles. My legs are starting to move more and more like pistons, I am getting faster, stronger and climbs seem easier than just a few weeks ago.

This was also an eventful week. On Thursday we had the official “Spring Season Team In Training Kick-Off Party” . Participants of all the disciplines (cycling, running, hiking, tri-athlon) came together to start their journey to raise money and race to save lives together as members of one TEAM. Today our group (Cyclists) had their first official Team training ride. We split into three groups of different levels and enjoyed a rather smooth and leisure ride that was followed by a Honoree Potluck at McKenzie Park in Los Altos. Meeting our Honorees and listening to their stories and hardships was not only inspirational, but it truly injected motivation into all of us that joined Team In Training.

In my headline I am asking you for your help. Your help can come in different ways:

1. Motivate and Inspire.
Please send me the name of anyone you know, family, friend, neighbor or colleague whose life has been touched or ended by Blood Cancer. I will add their names to my jersey and ride in their honor.

2. Donation:
Please consider making a donation to this great cause and help me win the “race to save lives”. When making a donation please check with your employer to see if your company matches donations to non-profits.
To donate please visit:

3. Sponsorship:
If you are a business owner or working for a company that is willing to sponsor my effort to find a cure and win the race I will add your company logo to my jersey and feature you on my LLS website, Facebook site, Blog and all future correspondence. Sponsorship starts  as little as $250.00 per company. Jersey space is limited! 🙂
To donate please visit:

4. Spread the word
By sharing my TEAM IN TRAINING story with  your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and others you will help me raise more money and give all those currently living with the disease hope and a chance to survive. 1 in 8 Americans either has, or knows of someone who has Blood Cancer.

   Thank you so much for being part of this!
   Hartmut Broring
   P.S. I would appreciate it if you would forward this email to as many people as you can to encourage them to donate as well. Thanks again.