Why Caregiving Exercise Institute?

In this 8-part, self-paced series, learn how to deliver safe and effective home exercise programs that will have a dramatic impact on the functional ability of your caregiving clients!

  • Empower Caregivers to help their clients so they can reduce fall risk and improve independent activities of daily living.
  • Discover how exercise and other important issues (e.g., medication management & home safety) are key to reducing falls.
  • Learn how to better care and resource the caregiver for ongoing personal care
  • Apply assessment results to construct customized training programs for every one of your older clients.

This lecture series, instructed by Hartmut Broring, M.S., Founder of Back in Form, is geared towards formal hired caregivers, as well as informal family member caregivers, assisting those in need.

Projections show that the 65+ population between 2018-2060 will nearly double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million in 2060.

It is no longer enough for us — as physical therapists, personal fitness trainers, physiotherapists or occupational therapists — to fulfill this role. We need to expand and bring in the caregivers onto our team.

Book your FREE lecture “Defeating Frailty Every Day,” with Hartmut Broring, M.S., to find out how you and your staff can help the team of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Personal Fitness Trainers to manage a growing number of seniors in need of care and beat back frailty while helping your caregivers to reduce their own risk for injury and burn-out.

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